This videoclip was created out of drivy-by shots during a journey to Romania in autumn 2019, where Gabriel (Producer of VegA Musikwerkstatt) used to go for beeing isolated from daily business in his old villa to create new arrangements and explore new ways of producing. I accompanied him the first time, and also found myself fascinated from the pure and calm environment, which led us to choose this track and the videosequences to be connected. The visual glitch is a reproduction of a very slow extrapolated pixel frame interpolation (algorithm). It asks the viewer to question himself, if the reality he is watching, is really that kind of real, or surreal, or maybe just a question if time-shifting? VegA Musikwerkstatt http://vega-musik.de AAA: https://sungrownstudio.bandcamp.com/album/selected-works-free-download

short-term project at the köln international school of design music: takter cologne endlichelektro.net
further participants: krystian majewski (house movements)

Hintergrundanimation für Mazemirror’s Song “Robbed”.


DRIVE-BY-COLOGNE: A smooth visual to the sound from Hans Nieswandt – Cologne Monkey Station Remix (Original: Werle & Stankowski – Cologne) hansnieswandt.de.
Time speed-ups were processed through filtering the beat with expressions. Scenes were taken from a drive-by tour through cologne (germany). From the south to the north-west. Camera: Panasonic GH1 + Polfilter

ICE 653 Mit meiner damaligen Kompaktkamera filmte ich 3 min. aus dem Fenster die vorbeiziehenden Gleise. Mit der Geschwindigkeit eines ICE verschwimmen die diversen Strukturen in der BEwegungsunschärfe zu einer ganz neuen Choreographie. In jedem Fall bleibt vom Gleisbett nichts anderes übrig, als ausschließlich horizontale Linien.
sound: psychsometry 3.2 by akufen: myspace.com/​akufenmix

VISUAL TAGGING: Short movie describing the fiction of public motion-based visual tagging.
Sound by B-Film – Didge-Do (youtube.com/​watch?v=GGaw-dqUb7Y)

Copytest: Take a dance with your copier! Because it got more to move than you think of it. Pictures are spontaneously taken with a Sony Ericsson mobile.

Michael Jackson in Tapetrick: Das VHS-Video ist von dem digitalen DVD Format nahezu komplett verdrängt worden. Unzählige Kassetten verstauben nun in Regalen, Kartons und Kellern. Aus dieser Verzweiflung heraus wird das Tape zu neuem Leben erweckt, unabhängig von Hardware und User.